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Best Model Kits For Adults – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Today I want to show you Best Model Kits For Adults and I believe that you’ll find your great model kit! Enjoy!

Best Model Kits For Adults – Comparison Table

Simple Model Kit

Tamiya Models P-51D Mustang

  • Scale: 1:48
Comes with:
  • circle blue background
  • pilot holding machinegun under arm
  • lighting bolt across circle
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Bomb racks are correct!

Revell 1:48 F15E Strike Eagle

  • Scale: 1:24
  • 192 medium grey plastic pieces
  • Includes LANTIRN targeting and navigation pods, underwing fuel pods, and full armament package
  • This is the only kit that gets the bomb racks correct!
  • All pieces are gray plastic! You can buy paints for miniature here
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Best quality

Tamiya Models Tiger I Early Production

  • Scale: 1:35
  • Includes Commander figure
  • Kit is plastic, no aluminium
  • Great for modernization
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Exclusive Diecast Model

Tesla Diecast Model X

  • Scale: 1:18
  • Different models: Model X, Model S P100D, Model S P85
  • Different colors: White, Red, Grey
  • High price
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Easy Star Wars Kit! 69 parts!

Revell Star Wars Easykit Episode Vii The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon

  • Length: 38 cm
  • 69 parts:
  • Pre decorated snap kit
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1. Tamiya Models P-51D Mustang – Great Model Kit For Adults

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's GuideIt’s another inbox for you, for you’re here. What would the gonna look at today is the move starting from Tamiya P 51D/K. Now I build this kit once or twice before and it’s just one of those case that, you know, she used to dream to build, you’d have to really easy build spot. So we’ll take a look in the box and I’ll give you my thoughts. So there we are lovely box out as per usual with Tamiya.

So we’ll walk around the side. So we’ve got a L K Carson’s are the three, a three, six, two, five squadron. we’ve got TJ, Christine’s three seven five five squadron. We the green is silver and the DDA stripes. I will go into the box.


So not much in the box really. you get the instructions to deco sheets and free bugs of plastics. So we’ll start off with the instructions. Typical Tamia foldout style with information on the aircraft on the front. And then we’ve got the move into what you should and shouldn’t do. Instructions, the time you call outs in the spray cans and the normal Tamia colors. And then we move on to the cockpit.

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Live your pilot finger, moving on through store on the cockpit and to the actual aircraft and the different colors, nose and exhaust types. You’re going to need wheel bays, how to paint them, often. Lots. They’re drawn into the bottom of the wing onto the actual wing.

Joining arm on the trial services radiator scoops and what have you praying on Oprah? I’ve wrote, put on a closed wheels drop tank and went onto the aircraft itself. And then the nose cone kind of phase and going onto the actual acra. And then we’ve got the core call outs, black and white as per normal Tamiya. So you’ve got, Jonsi mayor’s aircraft, then yard, Leonard Kay Carson and Thomas J. Christian. Okay. So all lovely close game theft and we’ve got urban Elle drew. So you actually get four aircraft.

She look very striking on that silver, paint job. Okay, so that’s the instructions. Move on to the plastic. Now the major downside with timing and I find both, not major, but one of the minor problems is staples on.

The sprue so you can see we have got a pilot. Let’s just sat there not holding anything. and part of the, the canopy. All right. Sorry. Just one part. Moving on to the wings or pro mower. As always you, Tammy has some nice, lovely, beautiful surface detail.

Details and Instructions

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

On both wings or perhaps a lower exhaust stacks. Both sets wheels control surfaces.

So a very nice sprue. Next room is the fuselage and cockpit so that you caught remembering that this was a ward with rubber over the top black rubber. So it depends on how you want to depict that fuselage sides. The nice surface detail takes you detail on the tail fin engine. Cova seat and back rest two piece wheels. But two pieces not glued together but you’ll have to get rid of that seam line. See Mold. So nice detail. Well, the wheel hope’s on the instrument panel and then we’ve got the drop tags code and the propeller blades.

Staples, if you don’t get them out like stubborn oil scratch. Yeah. A model. Oh check this out. Paula counts for the nose, the nose, the propeller. And then the clear plastic, which is beautifully, beautifully clear. Honestly, he’s normal with Tamiya.

The next step we’ve got deck calls and we’ve this cake you get two sheets. Now we’ve got the main markings, the foray aircraft. Okay. And we have got invaded stripes and the national markets. Now the agent, you mean your stripe? I definitely won’t be using them. Another paint every invaded stripe, half a national market.


Now with telling me your kids, they are the fic and shiny and I always have problems with Tamia deckle. So those are the ones who, the cute ones, as you can see, very shining, you probably can see, oh thick. They are just look, and I’ll ask the, how thick is a curry film on it? So I won’t be using those with this cake combs, these markings, just pull them over. So these are from super scale.

I quit that with foil. Normal kitchen foil will chai you some a metal glue with about two or three years now. It would gone now. I wanted to do the sack off together. So this was great. I want to use it in the veilleux metal cause if we move out of the way, I’m going to look at these deckels.

Yes, they’ve got the car film, but there’s no fakeness there at all. I looked grim. Reaper just looks so cool.

And then you’ve got another one for the FJ natural, those markings and what have you that you can use other, you know, if you wanted to use them for another aircraft. But yeah. Beautiful. Deckels all right, so that’s it. Tommy is p 51 the most time? probably the best. Mustang . again, you can put these kids talk for about 18, 19 pounds delivered in the UK. guests having to go for the aftermarket. Deckels would push the price up, probably an extra seven or eight pound a book.

2. Revell 1:48 F15E Strike Eagle – Nice Model Plane Kits For Adults

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's GuideWhat you are seeing is our f 15 that we finished in the last episode. We put on all the decals and now we’re going to put on a little bit more decals, so here it is. You see us spray painting the sway bars right there and this is what happened in the last episode. So we’re going to apply the decals, the sway bars, we’re scraping some paint away right here because we had to do that.

So here go on the decals, put one of these on each of these sway bars or something, six of them. So you’ve got to put those on a here’s your tail Hopi resting quote as I mentioned in broken also. Hey, make sure you do that later on in the model. Then you don’t have to worry about it breaking like I did. These are the pods that you have more decals, plenty decals on this models.

I said we did most of them in the last episode. If you didn’t see that episode, go check it out. I showed you a quick pre post preview of that earlier in this episode. So go watch it. It’s pretty good. You could sit there and watch me put on all the decals on this entire model except for what we’re doing right now. So make it look pretty. Of course, this is our model make and madness. You know, you got to mention that all these pods is two pods, one on each side, different pods for each side. Here they are. So you’re, all the decals are on there. They look good. By the way, I forgot to spray paint these glosser. They might silver a little my mistake and happens. so to make these fit, you got to cut them down to size just a little bit cause it got a little bit of tabs left on the sides.

So pay attention, practice. Before you do this, make sure everything fits before you put the parts on and put your glow on. Could you might be wasting some time. So pressmen will fit in there. Just pop ’em in. You can hear them click in there. So here are the other sway braces, lots of these things to six per side. Here’s one. And here is the other. So let’s do a little bit faster now. Three or five, six one side, flip it over. There are seven, eight, nine, 10 Levon and what’s lasts 12 there they are. Those are our dogs. Let’s put on our missiles. So actually I’m sorry, not missiles, couple more sway races right here. Those go on this all little thing here. These are actually the missile pylon so they will get some sway braces. So I lied. There were just six on those one sections.

There’s a little bit more as you can see. Nothing but sway braces. So here are the missiles. I painted them in light, compass gray. Finally, as you saw plenty of different tries of ease. and I painted the tips of those. We’re letting those dry. By the way. This goes compass great to these little squares, painted missiles like compass gray. And we’re going to go back and we’re going to paint the tips of those, the same color as the regular model, which is against of great. Don’t forget to paint the little law things there. Silver throne, all Sidewinder missiles. So every time you do them, you just kind of know to look out for them and to make them look pretty. There they are. So here we go. Painting these gunship gray, same color as the model. Be careful, don’t bend them. I bent mine a little bit.

Peel those off. And guess what? These have a zillion more decals. Yes, a zillion. Let our Billy there. So four missiles mean you gotta do everything four times. Put on these little guys right here. Put on a little bars. I don’t know what any of these things mean. I’m sure somebody that makes models was in the military will be able to tell me and I will probably forget. I know what the stripes mean, those or whether or not they’re arm disarmed, all that good stuff, active and blah, blah blah. So here we go. Red and a blue one on each one. So there is one complete missile. Do you think I should waste my time showing you all of them? No, I’m not going to do that for a change. So this is the canopy. You see, I have it done there. We’re painting the little edge here, the same color as the rest of the model, the body, it’s that gunship gray color.

Turns out really pretty for us. We got to paint this same colors, the body too. And then we will put on these decals, which I mentioned way back when in some of my episodes. These go on there. You can find pictures of these on the actual seats. This was not in the instructions and there they are. So put more in small things. Paint this little area black right here. This is for the heads up display. We’re going to cut it out and paint the base of that black. We’ll let it sit and then we’ll attach it a little bit later. There you go. Looks good. So guess what? Let’s attach the missiles to the pylons. We’ll let those sit. I used a combination of plastic cement and super glue. Depends on what you feel like doing. I did boasts and this was plastic cement right there.

Pretty easy for plastic cement. I wasn’t too concerned where it went cause most of these got covered up by the rest of the missile rail. So you can see by the way, I wasn’t too concerned with from a paint job, it goes to four squares on the side. It is what it is. So we’ve got the pods attached. Now we’re going to attach this centerpiece here. It’s just a rail. Nothing goes on it. just the way the model is, I didn’t mind it because I love this model. It’s great. And you’re going to see that in this review, which is coming up. So here we’re going to attach the missiles and look super glue. They things works fast and if you get it on your fingers, you blew your fingers to your fingers. Never a good thing. I’m sure we’ve all done that before and panicked.

That’s all right. You can get it off with acetone. So here we go. Put that on there. It also does a nice little neat effect too. It went off the way it dries on there. Little colored discoloration, I should say. We’re putting on the fuel tanks and look at this. Doesn’t this look pretty I think so. Touched landing gear lights to the front gear. There they are. Nice clear view with that. As you can see, I didn’t bother sanding or doing any touch import to those pods. I just didn’t feel like it. I got lazy. That’s okay. Still a fun model to do. So there we go. Paint around their silver, putting in that heads up display. Like I said earlier, a little bit of superglue. Hey look at that where you’re going to attach to peto tubes to this plane and acrobat comes to the canopy and we will be done.

That is right. We will be done with this model. Guess what? I forgot about the landing gear. So put on the wheels, there’s a flat spot on the rear wheels so sure you put that on and then just kind of press the plane down on something flat. That way you make those real flat instead of having to worry about lining them up the proper way and then make sure you press them in so they steer really good. So there we go. Finally attaching the windshield and the canopy. Once that’s on the model is done. Guess what time for the review. So here it is.

Plastic model builders. Here it is. I think so far this is probably one of my most favorite models that I’ve done. It looks great. The best thing about this model is I can tell you this is the strike eagle by Ravel. It’s one 48 scale thing. We all love panel lines. They’re recessed. Yes, that’s right. Recessed, go out and buy the kit. This plane looks absolutely great. It’s perfect. I love the color, the gunship gray, that, you know what I mean? This, I have nothing bad to say about this paddle lines. It went together really well. I’m not an expert, but it was hard for me to stay on stuff. But Hey, you know, that’s just me. This here is one separate piece. So you don’t have a line going all the way down in the middle of this whole entire plane, which I think was a very smart idea.

So the only places you’re going to see panel lines are basically going right here. We turned this over on this side. Gotta be careful with this plane. There’s going to be one all the way right here and it needs separate here. So you’re going to have to hide that a little bit. But they did a really good of making sure that that kind of looks like that’s how it’s supposed to be. the wings, they also did those about the same way where they kind of joined themselves together. So it looks like that’s where a panel automatically goes. So they, whoever designed this one did a better job than all the other models I’ve ever seen, especially by rebel. This is certainly a good one.

You gotta be careful of these right here cause you know, they’re, they’re different sizes, so don’t go putting the whole model together and then not noticing which side these are, because each one is a lot smaller than the other. So you gotta pay attention to the instructions on that. As has these right here that go on a separate side, the wheels, they’re flat. And so when you put this together, you know, it sits nice and proper like this. it’s got the, little bit of the a what do you call those, the stabilizers and stuff for the pylons. Just to make sure you have those on proper. I actually installed those in the right way this time.

Good thing. Cause you remember one of my other models, I didn’t, let’s see. What else can we talk about this? The only hard stuff was putting in the wheels and you know, painting all this stuff, but you know, it wasn’t too bad. I’m asked it off. I managed to make it work. I used the rubber for the Robert testers collar for the wheels just to see what it did and it gives a little bit of brown color.

I put these on right here, which are the antenna for the front of the plane. there is nothing that goes right here in the middle. Other than that, you know, you’d do the back of this all the way that has you mask off. Since I painted the whole model first and said to this, I basically mastered it off using wet paper and it did a pretty good job. I did put a gloss coat on the whole model. The cockpit went together fairly well. their only problem with the cockpit on the, glass is that there was a scene that goes straight down the middle of the glass right here. So you have to sand that out and this is where it’ll be. So, you know, just a little bit of touch up. Those you are afraid to do that. Like me, you just have to get in there and do it and try and see what happens.

So mine turned out fairly well. I’ve gotten a little bit better at standing clear parts. Nope. That’s all there is to it. the decals, there were a lot of them on here. Just take your time as always do them right, make it look proper. And this is it. A really nice model. Has a couple of Sidewinder missiles on there for those. Got Your two fuel tanks, rear engines a little bit unclear. So I’d say read some directions on how to do the engines with the colors on the inside and stuff like that. And also figure out how to paint the out the seats right in here cause they, I did them up fairly well with how the instructions called for. And the other thing is this arresting Hook right here. A little bit hard. I missed that in the directions around it, putting it on just cause I figured it went on and the, all the other problems were figuring out how these light up. This is new to the f 15 East Strike Eagle and where they meet in the back. It did leave a nasty little scene but you could touch that off.

So let’s show you this plane and here it is in a little bit of detail starting with the nose. You see there’s a front canopy right there. Hey there’s no line down the middle of it anymore. You could see inside that cockpit, I had a little bit of sobering right here by those four dots is where the seam is. Go back, check that out if you missed it because it was hidden pretty well. Here’s the all bombs, missiles, drop tank rear engines right here. There you go. You see the silver ring that we had to do with that? Oh, here’s our front landing gear. our rear landing gear. You can see in detail where those decals go right there. It see the little sway braces, some more decals right here and that engine intakes some landing lights. Hey look at that. There’s the front and the pito tubes and we’re going to show you a lovely top view of this plane. And here it is. So a nice little view from the top.

3. Tamiya Models Tiger I Early Production – Great Military Model Kits For Adults

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's GuideIn this case it is timely as one 35th scale tiger one early production. this Kate was for reclining sent out to me by Frazier on kitten home. I will be pulling a link to each channel in description as video. Please do give that he’s to to teach us how he’s channel to Freetown, the painter and model maker and more gamer. So well we’re checking out his channel. So I want to say big time cue to him for sending out this kit. Your your generosity was very humbling, my friend. Really Hope, when I, when I started as a kid soon that I can do a full justice for you. So, this case, again, as you can see is a tiger. So this is a, a second tiger, a refute on my channel.

the AFP club lace production. He is already getting a good few Fuze. Listen, be quiet. Poplar slides. I taught how to use a refute these kids. So this is the early production I built one of these many years ago. mostly we eli designed, you would say, and I really enjoy this. So I’m really looking forward to building this case 10 15 years on with the model making experience I’ve accumulated since. So this kid came on like seven, no photo, which is included in this case. This is one of those, one of the many times your kids, they used to buy all that Shite separately, which I read the degree with the photo edge itself is not expensive. You want to play, they’re staying in the steel engine doesn’t want the box. So I’m just going to take the rate of 40 on bagging everything and I’ll talk you truth.

So as always I always had to get the instructors out of the way. So we have our standards, Tom. Yes. Style leaflet or booklet style instruction manual where it’s a nice photograph of the build up model on the, on the the front cover. A little bit of history, but technical spiel. Always nice to have. most of you are very well aware of the time. The instructions is they’re incredibly clear. I find their instructions be some of the finest on, on the Americas, on. If every company tried to put the same level of clarity and detail into their instructions, we will never go wrong. So you always want to be your attention. Also be drawn, drawn to this little book, that little cable here. So just tell it to you. If you want to build Pacific faecal such as a tank, a number to one tree from heavy pounds or battalion five oh two and it gives you basically did it have the monthly that of s my launch, here’s load or scope and the different types.

So keep this in mind if you’re to build a particular physical, I believe one treat ones yeah, at one tree. One is here as well. And this is just to keep an eye on the various different types that you want to build a particular faith, which is afraid of unite civil system. So keep referring to us and so you know, which, which number your Erbitux less or you’re meant to be building. Okay. So how many steps are in this model? Mobile bills, it shouldn’t be too many. So there’s 20 steps. However, made the steps here are furry. they’re not busy. It’s not the most intensive of bills. So, I believe most that most model makers will easily be able to build this.

Okay. Then we have our separate marketing colleagues and painting guides, which is quite busy. So we get many phases here. We get, one from Russia, 44, which I’m surprised the VFA code, an early in production. Not long, but okay. 40 trees. 10 is yet. This is one for you. One. just so you know, if he wants to build one tree, one out of the box, I would this you want to do a bit of modification? many of the parts that makes one shoe, one, one, three, one aren’t actually included in this. however, dragging a very released one that’s meant to be the definitive ones for you one. Then we have a few Kursk vehicles, I believe. So that looks like a curse. Cause Blegen also be, you don’t know if you don’t have to do any, I’m pretty happy about, you don’t actually have to do any symbols on this like and either if you don’t really want to, which is nice.

So very busy and fast, American call out, which I’m really happy about seeing lots of lots of options here. Lads and the one or two ladies actually watching my channel and then we have our American cheese. Now this was left as is in the box and sometimes time yet those days they don’t troll into a bike. So this is I’m always a bit dubious with their tackles. I know allow model makers and the community read, it’s like their deck holds. I am always a bit wary of them because they can go either way on you. So you need to be kind of gentle with Tamia tackles. They can, they’re, they are fragile. however though, as you can see, you get a lot of marking options in this. Ferris also furry, interesting. Kayla rings or I, yeah. basically kill Max for the barrel, which is really cool.

Also, I was curious about this, these Japanese markings here. Is this actually a real panzer battalions, Americans, I wonder overseas some Japanese Americans thing? I’m not. I’m probably the tidy shore, so I’m Adam or some dealer. Tiger and tcs is actually a real American, is a Japanese American. I have always, I’ve seen on a few model bills in the past and I’ve always been curious about it. Then we have the one from first ss. No, the the, the key. So, yeah, again, fray and I sort of, we could, we’re gonna have a look at the parts now. We’ll keep this moving. Shouldn’t be too long. Okay. So that was always, I always try to have, I look at the, the lower, home pub. So again, one piece quite reminiscent to afe clubs, detailing. some of the smaller access panels are furry, nasty.

I miss the, the punch release from a mold. Again, unless you want to flip this vehicle on its side, you ain’t going to see any of this supposed to be a matter. our bomb stops. Thank you for how many, what they where. I’m Adam and I believe this panel here is for knocking the the the pins back into the tracks I remember correctly. So again, nice detail. no welds detail on the bottom half, but again, I’m already too concerned about that. No, well detailed either for the whole extension. So at these, what these are again, you can add them in as you still wish to free basic model making skill and no harm and triangles. Again, plastic is quite nice, quite sturdy actually. I don’t remember it being this dirty and I’m not seeing any flushing or anything like that. All that, so that’s nice. Then we get to still a piece of hosing pipe. This is for the pfeifle seat filters.

I’m kind of concerns here. This is going to work. I don’t know how effective their away at doing the, the filter housings are going to be. However, I could see just kinda sharp scissors and cutting them. The shape should be fine. so that’s going to be interesting to see that this book, again, this Nice texturing on us and, in a way it gives you a bit more played in the plastic ones so they don’t align correctly, disturb it, malleable that you can bend them the shape to actually get them to conform. So, not too concerned about that. Then we have our lovely finals, tracks that I love so much, so solid guide, solid guide horn detail. They should be hollow. Again, I conferred with my, and I would add them on that. So they’re meant to be hollow.

however I want to be probably applying African American securities, because I just don’t want, I, I can’t stand final and these are the ones that secretly you’d have that or Malcolm or Super Luton together. However, you probably could make them work with you already wants to do like, you know, like if seven year old me or 10 year old me could make these work, then there’s no reason why you can. However, I’m just not gonna be using them. Like they’re a pretty okay concision duration like, but final track to and for me. Okay. Moving on to the, first set of proper sprues are actually aren’t that many sprues in this kit, which is nice. Just want a master parent pair of counts, how many of them are totals. So we get to a obese brew and eats all our running gear. So I’m just going to move one of them. I’m going to have a look. We have many, many roller wheels. Again, since this is one of the early variants of the tiger, there’s all the rubber rims. They’ll going to be fun to paint. But again, you can get masks for an interview. So a wish, we have two versions of dry sprockets.

we have the initial or lay production style, exhaust clover, if I remember correctly at any of the, we have the bigger, Strout two on another sprue that’s more, synonymous with the, your, your production tiger, if I remember correctly, we have our travel lock, and again, the detail is quite crisp considering this kid was 14 years old. it’s ferry ferry. Nice.

I get some personal detail here. I’m not seeing any flashing, which is quite nice. And also why we like is if you would, if you know on the inner sides of many of the road wheels, there’s numbering, so this will help you align the tracks or the roads correctly. these all gonna be on the interfaces. You’re not going to see any of these. that is a nice little bit of attentiveness that it makes me kind of like time. Yeah. Even allows me to pull up with their bullshit basically. I’m not the biggest fan boys when it comes to the cameo, unfortunately. But I do enjoy it. Our kids though. So any of these further little bits and pieces, escape hatch and it’s a bit weirdly shaped on elliptical. I don’t tend to be that shape. so that’s the first spree sec.

So continuing on our look at I believe x sprue. we see more of our detailed for the pfeifle filters and two parts. Again, Pico is pretty nice for a Chris. no flash. no sink marks. I’m very mind. This kid’s 12, 14 years old. our toll cables are actually more nicely rendered than the afe ones. So, there is a nice sharpness and mold I have to say, as for accuracy. Well, it looks like a tiger, so it’s good enough for me. And I believe a lot the guys were saying this isn’t the half five cases. It’s not up to scratch with dragon. Of course, it’s still a nice alternative if you’re not, if you’re looking for a relatively cheap, tiger to work on. So we’ll move on. Again, just not many sprues miss kids, so it’s nice and quick to the gold.

True. So move on to disprove. Now we’re moving up to more opera hoe. So I’ll draw your attention to these little tags here. These are, the Gigu for, doing the torsion buyers, I believe, if I remember correctly. So that, that’s kind of cool. a cool little addition. I’m most kind of shitty. You’re doing, like moveable portion. Birch and I get from the line officers. You’re not doing it in a dynamic base. Okay. Now I’m seen to be a little bit of flash now here. So the mode vendors need a quick couple of passes, have a sanding stick. I can kind of see the flash. They’re just running along the leading edge. Tow cables are fine. again, just not a big heavy scene going around the braids of the cabling, which I’m happy to see two-part barrel. These aren’t hard to to salvage however is the muzzle brakes that makes it difficult. Trying to fill the multiple break scene cause like you’re trying to keep that detail. So both very mind like, or be viral or be a models. Do you, plenty of, turns, Massell barrels that are for a cheap and not hard to come by. So there’s plenty of options. We have our iconic, been for the terrors. Again, nice detail. I am seeing tiny bits of flash for some more. Most of these on this and a little bit on the Jack. But other than that, everything else seems fine.

Yup. Nice scan. One piece. Most vendors, however, if you just take a dremmel to the inside of these and then put them individually, they can kind of bend them and distort them and tend them to scale. So it’s not a difficult thing. I found when I do the, the Biddle video on this, I’ll do a full kind of little video on techniques and how I would deal with a kid like this kind of aim for like people with intermediate skills. and I’ll show that how I deal with making these look a bit better. So again, pretty nice against your standard tiger, you know, a lot of these parents are, are very self explanatory. Like, and then our last sprue, which is the largest free or the law of this, which is route e and this is how as older awkward deck details and Turk detail.

So the turds from two parts, this can be problematic highway. If he cooked it, their turf, which was awesome. Two hats. But they did it in three parts. They had that the tart ring in one piece. So you don’t have to do, you don’t have, they fill a scene at the bottom of the tears. That’s going to be a little bit tricky. However, because of the large terse being on the rear of the tire of the tourists, it will make, cleaning and hiding that see my much easier. However, it’s not too difficult to, to fill them just for takes a little bit of time and a bit of patience. we got two sites of Glen and the instructions will tell us which version to use, slight differences in them. But again, you guys, you tiger heads, we’ll know more about tonight.

Moving on to the actual top deck of the fable. we have a separate engine cover cause you’d had by Tom, you do a furry Baig sake. Well I’ll call it almost two d type of engine that sits down inside this little Mason’s crew. I might actually pick up from Troy into the build and so we have like a movable hatch there so you can have them model the open and show off the engine. Nice alliteration. I have to say. here’s our tert roof with the loaders hatch and commanders cupola mounts, little well beads already in place for the, smoke dischargers are large style, engine covers are inch inch routes for the exhausts. And then we have another choice here of near rear motor fender. We also get the standards Tamia crewman and again, not by detail on them.

Not the best figure ever seen. I’m not the find the time, your fingers to be honest sir. They’re, they still have a lot to be kind of be desires. We have our front pilot panel here with her mg memes, the two, locking lugs for the dose cover or the she believes a waterproofing mount for waiting. They are fairy fairy soft. If you’ve painted them, you’ll actually, you wouldn’t hardly see them.

4. Tesla Diecast Model X – Perfect Metal Car Model Kits For Adults

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's GuideI’m just gonna give a quick commentary on the model x scale model from Tesla. After playing around with it for about a day, my first video I showed to the unboxing bullet, my Mike was dead. No battery in it, so sorry about that. Didn’t get my reaction. But I really, really liked this model kit. few things I found out about it. It does come with this little tool that this model, this old model s did not have. And this allows you open all the little doors and hoods and trunks and it also comes with just a little white piece that I have no idea what it does. You guys know what this thing does. Let me know in the comments below.

And another thing that I found out was the spoiler. I was saying, Hey, this spoiler is not up since, is the model a p 100 it is down until it reaches somebody miles power. So I was just playing around with it, see if you could open n and actually does. How cool is that?

So the spoiler actually moves. Could it go up and down, like the real one, if he go into details, it does not have the light that is on the bottom of it and the real one. But I think it’s a very good representation of it. Really Nice detail. I love the fact that it could actually open and close again. This tool is definitely very useful. I think this is as high as it could go.

there’s not much ACA also I can say I think looks very accurate. The midnight color, midnight silver. I love it. I was gonna get the white one, but it looks kind of boring and they don’t have a red one, which I have in real life. But this one, the silver came out really nice, nice and shiny. And again, it’s actually a very popular color for the Tesla. three n x apparently.

Let’s just do a quick measurement of the weight, I guess scale right here.

Let’s compare it to the old one first.

I think the model x will weigh a little bit more. Definitely heftier. Okay. It’s at three pounds, 7.5 ounces, so found 11 ounces more. 12 ounces ball less than a pound more. Okay. With the word quick, three 60 again for you guys. Definitely worth it. I actually picked up the cheaper version of the model. Ax will be arriving soon.

I’ll just do a comparison video if I have time and I bought that one in red just to see how it compares to this official one. Overall, I’m very happy with this model. Definitely a collectors item is a, is a great for you display putting in desk and let me open everything. The Falcon doors actually do creek here. That’s second real life. And then let’s get the other one open. They’re all glue marks, but I think it’s fine.

5. Revell The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon – Perfect Star Wars Model Kits For Adults

Best Model Kits For Adults - Reviews and Buyer's GuideAs you can see in front of your eyes is the brand new ravel star wars, the force awakens snap tight Max Millennium Falcon. That’s quite a mouthful. What it is is it’s a redoing of the old Millennium Falcon snap type kit that Revelle had out and it’s still available. This is the new version to replicate the Millennium Falcon that will be in the upcoming Star Wars, the force awakens movie on December 18th, 2015 I was able to get this kit at my local hobby lobby. As you could see on the box, it does have a, all the indicators that it’s from the new movie. If you’ve seen the trailer, you can see the star destroyer, you can see the crashed x swing. You could see Kylo ren up here, the new villain for the new movie. And of course you can see the slightly different design of the Millennium Falcon.

It’s not completely different, it’s just the future version of the Millennium Falcon that we know from, episodes four, five and six. So without further ado, well, what do we have in the box? Okay, well what we, first thing we’re going to have of course is the manual and this is a standard snap type manual. There’s not much to it. The kit should take just over an hour to assemble a, maybe for a youngster, you know, around the age of eight and that’s when they want to start with this. It’ll take them a little bit longer, but it won’t take very long to get this kid together. They’re usually pretty well engineered from reval these days. The fit and the finish is usually pretty good on them. As you could see, a, you build it, you’re going to start building the, the bottom of the hall and you’re going to have to make a decision when you’re building.

And if you want to do it with the landing gear down or up as if it’s flying. So you can fly it around the living room and they give you the options to build it. Either way, you can hide the holes where the landing gear would be or you can have the landing gear down. The landing gear seemed to be a little different than the old model. They’re updated for the new movie. The rest of their kit goes together, very familiar. You can recognize all those shapes on there, the side panels, the front walkway and of course the the engine and the Vac. And then once you get to the back you can definitely see one of the most characteristic parts of the Millennium Falcon from the new movie is that rectangular dish there instead of the circular one. you know the antenna right there. So that is the manual.

Very straight forward. It’s got a total of 16 steps. Let’s start looking at some little plastic in the kit. First up is this tree, which is completely different. This tree is not in the old Millennium Falcon snap type kit. This is a new tree just for this kit because this one will have the square dish and the grill that goes in it. And then the new updated landing gear. And you can see that we’ll go through these parts here. You can see that the molding is still crisp on these. These kids haven’t been out nearly long enough. Have to worry about flash or anything like that. You can see some of the painting and detailing that they’ve done for you. They painted some of the hydraulic cylinders. They’ve done some work on the walk pad. There’s that new radar dish backing and landing gear covers or landing gear pads.

So this tree right here is not available in the older money and Falcon release. This is a, the force awakens tree only for parts that will deal with the upgraded money. I’m Falcon. This part’s tree right here. We’ll have these sides of the ship, part of the cockpit, part of the side pods and a walkway. And you can see they’ve had some pre weathering done on it from the factory because it is the snap tight Max. It’s been pre detailed. You can see some parts have been painted, some have been washed and weathered. It is a very basic weathering job. Great enough to pass for the kids’ room. They’ll like it. It looks like it’s been beat up and advanced modeler will want to do some work of their own on this, but that’s completely up to you. If you just want a fun weekend build, it’ll pass. You can see it’s kind of a wash in there, but it is pretty sloppy now compared to the old model and you could see the backs are, there’s nothing, there’s no weathering or anything on the back of that.

You compare it to the old Millennium Falcon, the older snap tight, that’s just the exact same size. This one has less painting in detailing. This one will have more of the side pods, the curved areas. You can see there are three d like that and they’ve been pre shaded hit with some paint to darken them up a little bit, but they’re lighter than the original release. The original release as a darker gray and it has much more paint detail on it. And I’ll show you that at the end of this video, but right now we’re going to review the new one just to show you the nice detail and those parts. You can see that painted silver for those hydraulic cylinders.

Again, the cockpit is all flat black. You can pick that out with a, with a small brush or a toothpick. You can see from packaging it’s worn the paint right off the top of the seats because you’d want to touch that up a little bit. Any craft acrylic paint will work and you can see there’s the old dish so it was just an extra part on the part street and then there’s in here in this bag is the cockpit windows in the side pod windows. I haven’t taken them out cause these are painted and they scratch pretty easy. But I can tell you that the plastic on this is just a hair clearer than the original. The original had a little bit of a cloudiness with the cockpit and this one is actually a little bit clearer. You can see that it’s been painted, masked off and that looks nice. They did a good job on that.

Last of the smaller pieces will be the blue for the engine and that’s the blue that we know this could be lit from behind. There’s plenty of room inside the hall and it would shine a nice blue that’s got the nice big curve to it. The part numbers on all these trees of course are the same except for like I said, this is the force awakens unique small parts tree.

No, this is the new whole bottom and when I say new it’s because I compared the two in there, not the exact same whole bottom. I said I’m right next to each other and they’re not identical and the painting has been done a little different as well. You can see on the hall they’ve done much nicer painting the insets. They’re now on the older holiday, you’ll see these lines are much sharper, much more protruded. So when they designed the one for the force awakens, which is a little bit different underneath, they did smooth those out, make them look a little more subdued in size. You can see the hall itself has been painted nicely weathered with the colors from the movie and of course you could add your own washers and colors too to make it a little more authentic to your case.

But otherwise that’s, that’s a nice looking model. Now we can go over the size of it, the whole tree there from front to back, we’re going to go 123-FOUR-FIVE-6789 01112131415 inches, about just under 15 inches for the entire length of the ship. That’s a nice size model. It’s small enough to fit on the shelf, but it’s big enough that it will actually, you know, be pretty impressive next to the other ships. Now the top of the hall is this one right here and you can definitely see that it’s the, it’s the exact same top. The only difference on the top is going to be where we’re going to put that rectangular radar dish and then they’ve painted it and weather it differently because of course it’s carrying a little bit different color in the future and the nose is going to be more weathered up because it’s been around for awhile longer.

You can see that going in and really detailed inside those small access patches. So that’s pretty cool to see that they’ve done that differently. And this is a much lighter color than the other model. And you can see the details very nice on there. This would make a very respectable Millennium Falcon from the force awakens. Now one thing, if you have the older model, you’ll notice that when I did show you this one, there are figures, the older one has chewy and Han Solo. This one has no figures whatsoever, so be aware of that. There won’t be any, you know, poor or any of those are either bringing back Han Solo and Chewbacca for the new one and they’re not included in this kid either.

So that’s that. That’s been all the parts on this. Now just you could stop watching here. This is the end of the review for the force awakens, but I thought some of you that don’t already own it would like to see just a quick look at the actual original Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, the actual snap tag kit. So when we come back in a second, I’m going to show you that just a little quick overview.

Okay, so this is the older money I’m talking the original larger scale snap type model. So let’s look at some of the differences between the two models that I’ve shown you today. Now the force awakened parts or the lighter colored plastic, whereas the original star wars trilogy parts are on the left and you could see some of the similarities and differences. Similarity being these are the exact same parts. The plastic themselves is the same. The difference being that these have a darker gray color to them. These have a much lighter gray, almost whitish color to them. The painting on the parts is also different. You can see that it’s got the blue gray detailing on the old kit or the original and the new one like showed you earlier, just has a wash over the lighter gray plastic.

That’s you’re detailing differences on those two parts. Trees. We’ll go get another set of parts. Trees being the original and the force awakens variant right there, side by side. Now, the biggest difference you’ll see is that of course, once again, it’s two different colors of plastic and they’ve gone in and they’ve actually painted more detail on the older kit. Then the new kit, exact same parts. They just spend a little more time detailing, especially this is the older cockpit, much more highly detailed.

Then the force awakens and you can see those parts there, especially painted gray with a red dot on the new one. The cockpit is all black, so the detailing is up to you besides the black and then those center parts, they’re exact same parts, trees, just a little bit different weathering and painting scheme and of course as spaceships age, like any vehicle, you’re going to notice the differences. Now here we’ve got some larger pieces here. These are the upper halls on both ships. Now there is no difference in the molds even though it looks like it because of the painting. These molds are identical. I’ve gone over it as far as I can tell. If anyone says they’re different, go ahead and correct me. Just be nice about it. But the painting is the only in the color of the plastic.

They’re dark gray plastic compared to the white or gray, the lighter gray and the painting and weathering. This one’s got more of the check pattern to it with some of the red detailing and then the events and then this one of course being a much older ship, it’s been around the block. The paint has faded into a lighter color and it’s got a lot more smoke weathering cause you know those darn kids, they can’t keep up anything as nice as when they got it.

What you can see the difference between the two definitely is in these compartments here. Then on the force awakens they’ve really gone in and detailed them quite nicely like I showed you compared to the original, which has no detailing whatsoever except the plastic injection. So those on this one, you know you can usually see just the differences in the painting and what a difference that can make in them.

Let’s get out the bottom holes first. We’ll have the original, I love the sound of that plastic banging around. We’ve got the original hall and we’ve got the force awakens hall. Now these are not the same hall. Okay? They’re very, very similar, but they are not identical.

They have changed the mold on the two different models. How do you know that? Look at the lines on the front here. Okay, see how thick and pronounced those are in the mandibles there in the front, here’s the force awakens, cl smooth. Those are not very pronounced at all. More realistic looking. There’s you know f five cables here, you know, and one in two and four and they split off with a splitter back there compared again to this one, not the same mold. Also the way the landing gear goes in four holes, tools, no holes, access points. We actually have mounting areas and in the front of the hall you can see here this area, this mounting area here is more a close to a square.

And on the new one it’s a rectangle with snap in holes there. So you can see the differences on the bottom molds there. Now they’re both great kits. one of the big differences I noticed of course is in the older kid over here, you get chewy in Hun. In the new kit you don’t get any figures whatsoever. And in the older kit you do get the better painted cockpit. They’re both great kits. They both retail for about the same price. they both retail for it in the $60 range all over the interwebs so you can find them for that. I did pick up this snap Max because I just wanted it. I wanted to see what the differences were. I wanted to have the two different Millennium Falcons. It’s one of my favorite spacecraft. So I hope you guys enjoyed this little review of the new kit in the beginning.

And then, you know, I hope you enjoyed that. I showed the differences between the two different kits and what you can look for. Now for me, I want to own both. A lot of people, I think you should own both. It’d be cool to park them next to each other when the movie comes out on your shelf and people can see the differences and see if they can pick out what the differences are.


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