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How to Make a Wash for Model Painting

Written by Bill Murphy

As you know, people have long used various paints for Styrofoam or painting for miniatures to create beautiful interior decorations for their homes. Also, they are an essential part of a hobby. Meanwhile, more and more modelers are interested in the issue of proper care of their products, as they strive to preserve the quality of the executed paint. Here you can find tips on how to properly wash paints for Styrofoam or paints for miniatures.

When thinking about how to decorate your home, most first rush to study the range of themed stores. Actually, the original and beautiful decor for an apartment or house you can make with your own hands from scrap materials. For example, made of Styrofoam.


StyrofoamStyrofoam is expanded polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride. It is unlikely that you can find other materials with such low specific gravity and such limitless possibilities as this solidified foam. The appearance of the material doesn’t deteriorate over time. The paint for the Styrofoam is easy to wash, especially since it isn’t afraid of moisture. For the paints to please you and arouse the envy of others, it is necessary to clean the paints for Styrofoam or the paints for miniatures from dust. You can use a hairdryer to clean them, but remember to switch the hairdryer to cold air mode. As an alternative method of washing the paints, you can also use compressed air cylinders.

How Is the Process of Gently Washing the Surface of The Paints for Styrofoam Or Paints for Miniatures?

How Is the Process of Gently Washing the Surface of The Paints for Styrofoam Or Paints for Miniatures

  • First, you need to wash the surface of the paint with a hairdryer, then gently brush the remaining dust with a brush. If the surface of the paints is dirty, wipe the surface lightly. Do not use chemical solutions or soaps during the washing of the paints.
  • Chemical solutions destroy and damage the protective surface of the paints for Styrofoam and paints for miniatures.
  • Also, try to avoid washing the paints with hot water, as this will corrode the paint. As a result, the paint will last less than its useful life. If this is not possible, use a small amount of cold water to wash the dirty part.
  • Remains of the composition should be removed with a soft cloth. If it was not possible to remove all the water, you can use paper towels, thanks to them, the remaining liquid will be absorbed quickly enough, the result will be a dried and clean surface. If you want to keep your Paint For Styrofoam or Paints For Miniatures clean, place a small piece of cellophane between the larger pieces that are in contact with the surrounding surface. Thus, you will be able to protect the surface of the product from destruction. If the details of the foam of paints for Styrofoam or miniatures turn yellow, then paint the paint with acrylic paint. Everyone knows that the paints, of course, cannot be left open to exposure to sunlight, so it’s better to immediately paint over the necessary areas to avoid further prolonged washing.

That’s It!

Subject to these soft rules, your paints for Styrofoam and paints for miniatures will serve you for a long time, and they will always delight you!

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