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What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting A Model Railway

Written by Bill Murphy

Have you thought about how to make a model railroad with your own hands? To implement such an idea will need to stock up on a huge amount of patience because this work does not tolerate haste. In addition, before the construction will have to study a lot of theoretical information and make competent drawings. Read more about all these nuances in our article. Be sure that very soon you will be able to build your own railroad to decorate your apartment.

What Materials Will Be Needed for The Work?

What Materials Will Be Needed for The WorkHave you decided to make a model railroad at home with your own hands? First you need to decide on the materials that you will use in the construction process. You can do this only if a good study of ready-made models, pictures of which are presented in our article. In this list you can find the most commonly used materials in construction and their purpose:

  • plywood sheet – suitable as a basic plane for the layout;
  • construction foam – ideal for creating mountains with a tunnel;
  • boards and cardboard – suitable for creating decorative objects.

It should be noted that the possibility of using different materials is limited only by the skill and imagination of the master himself. For example, if you are good with plaster, you can make several objects for the model from it. Do you know how to design bridges? Why not add such a design to your composition. What about the actual water in the layout, which will symbolize the river?

Work with The Landscape

Work with The LandscapeThe next stage of making a model of the railroad with their own hands from plywood is the work on the landscape. This stage can be called the most difficult because its proper implementation depends on the quality of the future construction. If you can not realize the idea the first time, do not despair. At any time you can discard the plywood sheet and buy another. Fortunately, they are quite inexpensive.

To work on the landscape you can use a variety of methods. For example, you can make mountains out of ordinary construction foam, releasing it from a canister in the right amount. If you imply that there will be a tunnel through such a natural element, you should take this into account in advance, putting a plastic or cardboard tube on the layout. After using the foam, you do not even need to take it out. Let it lie there inside the mountain, and you can disguise the seams with almost anything.

Another indispensable material for landscape work is gypsum or construction putty. Unlike foam, this material is much easier to modify to the desired shape, but it is most often used as a decorative element, not the main one. First, gypsum weighs quite a lot, so you should not make large objects out of it. Secondly, over time, putty can give a crack, especially if you do not use a water-repellent mixture during construction. In general, there are a huge number of options to work on the landscape, so you should approach their choice wisely.

Laying the Railroad

Mounting the railroad to the layout is done with ordinary construction glue. Do not use too long parts during the work, as this can give the road unnatural straightness. It is best to make it so that it has more turns and elevations. Remember that you should not use too much glue to attach the parts to the surface. You will also find on any tube that the amount of pressure the part exerts on the surface, rather than the amount of time it takes to hold it in place, is very important for good adhesion.

Laying the Railroad

Types of Railroads

The variety of models offered can puzzle parents. When choosing, several important points should be taken into account:

  • The age of the baby.
  • The material of manufacture of the toy.

Set of Roads

Set of RoadsChoose a road for your baby should be in accordance with his age. A railroad with many small sharp elements, for example, for a year-old child may be dangerous, but for the boy 7 years – just right. Railroads can be made of wood, plastic, plastic, and iron. Among the iron, toys are often found railroads for children with remote control. Electric railroads are more suitable for children of middle and high school age.

Bottom Line

A miniature railroad is such an interior object that will delight the eye not only of children but also adults. If you are interested in the layout of making railroads with their own hands, then most likely you had a similar toy in your childhood and you decided to bring your memories to life. Or you just want to please your family with an unusual decoration, made by hand. Anyway, I hope here you have found a detailed instruction, which describes each step of the layout in every detail.

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